Getting hold of Kawasaki original parts

Getting hold of Kawasaki original partsAs a motorbike enthusiast, you are always tinkering. As an owner of a classic, you are also always fixing things. It comes with the territory. Whenever possible I prefer to use Kawasaki original parts when fixing up my faithful old motorbike. That is not always easy. Kawasaki original parts are not always easy to find, and even if you do find them you will often find the prices have been rather inflated somewhere along the chain of supply. I have found myself searching for Kawasaki original parts for my motorcycle more times than I would like to remember, and I know that I have spent many more hours online and on the phone searching around than my wife would have liked. But when you know what you are looking for, it is very difficult to abandon the search, or to give up on finding Kawasaki original parts. The trouble is that suppliers of motorcycle parts often have very poorly maintained websites, with unclear or incomplete descriptions of the parts that they are hoping to sell. It has happened to me more than once in the past that I was expecting to receive Kawasaki original parts, only for a cheap, third-party version to arrive. And despite all the care and attention that I put into placing my orders, I have received parts for completely different models of bikes far too often.

Where I buy my Kawasaki original parts

I have a first stop now every time I need to replace a part on my motorcycle. There’s a company in Holland, called Double R Parts, who do everything they can to make purchasing Kawasaki original parts, or whatever other brand you may need, as easy as possible. You can log on to their webshop at https://doublerparts.comand search for exactly what you want. You can search by:

  • Make;
  • Model;
  • Year;
  • Drawings;
  • Partnumber;
  • Framenumber.

They only supply to businesses, but that does not cause me any problems as I regularly need all sorts of parts for my garage, so I have been able to get hold of all sorts of Kawasaki original parts that I would not have been able to find anywhere else. From the smallest fixtures and fittings, service parts and repair manuals to whole cylinders, I have had many different Kawasaki original parts from Double R Parts through the years. Fortunately I have not yet had to order a whole engine or engine housing, but I know if my old faithful bike ever demands it that Double R parts will be able to help me out.


As well as the impressive availability of parts, Double R Parts excel in service. Whenever I have needed any advice, not just about Kawasaki original parts but also any other motorbike parts that I have needed for clients from my garage, they have always been happy to help. They are generally easy to reach and certainly seem to know what they are talking about. Although I am generally searching for original parts for my own bike, I have plenty of clients who prefer a more budget part in some circumstances, and Double R Parts are almost invariably able to help. Everything comes well packaged and arrives on time, which means that I never have to keep anyone waiting. And with their clear webshop my wife does not have to spend quite as long waiting for me to search for the parts I need, although it might mean that I get to spend more time out on the road with my bike instead.