Hire a debt collection solicitor

Have you send an invoice to one of your customers weeks ago and you still have not received the payment? Then it might be time to take action! In The Netherlands there are certain regulations regarding invoices and paying the company that has provided services for you or that have sent you products. As a business you have every right to be paid within the set time (which in most cases will be 30 days), but in rare occasions you run across a customer that refuses to pay for whatever reason. There are a few things you can do when this situation occurs.

  • Send a reminder
  • Call the customer and require more information
  • Hire a debt collection solicitor

As an entrepreneur or business owner you have a lot of things on your mind. You have even more things to do and having to worry about a customer who is not paying you (on time) is not one the things you want to be doing. This is why it is a good decision to call a debt collection solicitor to ask him or her what the best thing is that you can do in this situation. They are more than happy to help you out and make sure you get your money.

The best debt collection solicitor

When you have a look on the internet you will notice there are a lot of companies in The Netherlands that offer the service of helping you out with customers who are not paying the invoices you sent them on time. So how do you know what company is the best? That is where we come in! We have been working with multiple companies in this area and in the end we found the one that did the best job of all of them. The debt collection solicitor that you are looking for works at the Finanza Debt Collection Sollutions company. The solicitors that work for this business have a lot of experience concerning debt collections and they provide a very fine service. One of the main reasons we will always go back to them when we are in this kind of situation is because they do not only deliver a good service, but they do not overprice you for it! It is already bad enough that your customer is not paying you, you do not want it to cost you more money than you are getting in the end. That is why you chose the debt collection solicitor from Finanza Debt Collection Solutions.

How to get started with the debt collection solicitor

When is the right time to contact the debt collection solicitor and ask him or her to help you out? First of all, it depends on your specific situation and the things you have already done yourself. There are a few things you can do before you contact a debt collection solicitor. For example send a reminder (but preferably two) and make sure you know that they have received it. You can do this by sending a registered letter, but also by making a phone call and asking them in person if they have received the invoice and to ask them to pay it as soon as possible. In most cases this will be enough. When you still have not received your money, it is time to call the debt collection solicitor and he or she will take it from there. They will make sure that everything will be done so you will get your money. See for more information the website http://www.debtcollectionthenetherlands.com.