What is CBD and what is CBD oil?

Together with THC, it forms the two most important components of the hemp plant. However, CBD and therefore CBD oil is often used for medical and cosmetic purposes, where THC is also used for recreational purposes. CBD is normally processed into an oil, pills or paste. THC is hardly ever processed and can be bought in forms such as hash and weed. In these moulds, it is sometimes processed again into edible or drinkable products. Think for example of spacecake or hash chocolate milk. What distinguishes CBD from THC is how this substance works. The most important difference is that it has no psychoactive effect. This can be the case with THC. This makes the use of this substance completely safe. In spite of the fact that it is still not regarded as an official drug, users swear when using it. So far CBD oil has only been used in epileptic medication because its tranquillizing effect has proven to minimize epileptic seizures.

Where do I buy CBD oil?

CBD oil is becoming increasingly popular and accepted worldwide. In the Netherlands it has been legal in several places for years. You can get it in the local coffee shop, but also at speciality shops that focus on natural products and medicines. And of course, the internet is also your friend and supplier. Unfortunately, it is not yet at eye level on the shelves at the local supermarket. Which is strange in principle, considering chemical junk like paracetamol. Be well informed about the do and don’ts, especially the first time you use it. Although it is not harmful, the dosage is important. If this is not well adjusted to your experience, age, body weight, complaints, etc. it can be experienced as unpleasant. And so a product that could help enormously and contribute to a good recovery or inner peace can be put aside and no longer be looked after. And if you hear the experiences of users, it would be a shame anyway. Do you know at some point what works well for you? Then ordering via the internet is a great idea!

What do people use CBD and CBD oil for?

The use of CBD oil has countless possibilities. First of all, it is important to realize that it is not a medicine. CBD and CBD oil will not cure you but will support your recovery and make you more bearable. Even if you suffer from a chronic or incurable disease, this medicine can contribute to fewer complaints and/or pain reduction. Think of diseases such as osteoarthritis and rheumatism. Possible purposes for the use of CBD oil:

  • Stress-reducing
  • Pain reducing
  • Reduced blood pressure
  • Supports the immune system
  • Muscle recovering (after physical effort)
  • Smoother joints
  • Good for various organ functions
  • Contribute to a good mental balance

One has more effect than the other. This is varying per person, per dosage, per complaint and per CBD product. Because it is completely safe and has no negative side effects, it is a nice product for young and old to try. It is a nice case of ‘if it does not bathe, then it does not harm’. So don’t hesitate, and see what it can do for you. But be well informed, for more information check the website of Cibdol.