How to register a company in the Netherlands?

No matter the reason you wish to register a company in the Netherlands, Intercompany Solutions is the perfect partner in the entire process. They provide information, help and counseling for entrepreneurs who wish to do business in Holland and move their company there. And since Holland is an excellent country to optimize global tax rates, it never stops to be a popular country for new businesses. And with brexit around the corner, Intercompany Solutions notices a huge increase of British entrepreneurs willing to register a company in the Netherlands. And not for no reason. The corporate income tax in the Netherlands is only 16.5% up to EUR 200.000 profit a year, and if you top that everything else will rated at 25%. In 2012 both rates will get even better when decreasing to 15% and 21,7%. If you’ve been considering to register a company in the Netherlands this is the best time to do so. Other reasons to pick Holland as the country to start your business are:

  • We have an excellent international business climate
  • There’s a possibility for a remote formation of your business
  • We rank 3rd place in Forbes Global Business list
  • We have a high-tech infrastructure
  • We are home to some leading world banks (ING bank, ABN Amro, Rabobank)

This list is too small to mention all the advantages Holland offers you as an entrepreneur. if you wish to read all about why it’s such a good idea to register a company in the Netherlands you might want to check out the website of Intercompany Solutions. They have a blog where they tell you all about doing business in general, but also about how (and why) to do business in the Netherlands.

What type of company formation to choose?

In Holland there are several company formations you can choose from when you register a company in the Netherlands. Which one you pick depends on the goals you have. The most common one is the Dutch BV. This one only requires a minimum share capital of €1,-, according to corporate law. However there are plenty other options, and if you have serious plans to register a company in the Netherlands you might want to contact Intercompany Solutions for a professional advice. They will help you choose between the several company formations that we have in Holland, and assist you while arranging all that is necessary to start doing business here. 

Register a company in the Netherlands to avoid brexit drawbacks

Brexit obviously has a huge amount of consequences for British entrepreneurs, especially financially. For many reasons it’s better to register your company in the Netherlands than to keep it in the United Kingdom. For example because you will be dealing with British as well as European clients, and having a subsidiary in the Netherlands will ease up your daily business activities a lot. If you’ve been considering moving your business out of the UK, this is the time to register your company in the Netherlands. Brexit will happen, and your business will profit from being based in Holland, way more than it ever will when keeping it in the UK. 

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