Looking for a virtual office in the Netherlands?

Whatever the reason is you want to move your business to Holland, if you’re not planning on actually moving there yourself you probably need a virtual office in the Netherlands. Luckily there are several options, like the one from Easy Start Office. They offer virtual offices as well in Rotterdam as in Amsterdam, and even have a beautifully designed cowering space in case you’d like to work there. Easy Start Office is there to help those entrepreneurs that are willing to start a business in Holland without actually moving there, and those who do live in Holland but aren’t willing to register their company at their own address. Renting a virtual office in the Netherlands is the best option in either one of those cases. When you start using the services of Easy Start Office you can choose between the registration address in Rotterdam or Amsterdam. The second one is slightly more expensive, but since it’s the capital of Holland it might look even better on your business cards. Having your company registered on one of the addresses of Easy Start Office makes you look more professional, since both addresses  are based at a very central and well-known locations. Therefor renting a virtual office there will make your business stand out from others, and it might even be easier to find customers. 

Virtual office in the Netherlands plus coworking

If you’re actually already living in Holland but you don’t feel like working at home, or you want to receive customers and relations in a more professional space, a cowering area is just what you need. That’s why they offer two types of subscriptions at Easy Start Office: One for only the registration address and the second one including the virtual office in the Netherlands plus unlimited coworking in their professional offices. They offer individual desks as well as conference spaces, and even have several nice ares to sit and have a chat with a customer. And since you won’t be the only one using that virtual office in Netherlands including the cowering space, it’ll be really easy to meet likeminded people. You’ll notice soon enough that there are many expats using their services, which makes it easy for you to socialize.

Why choose a virtual office?

Still wondering if renting a virtual office in the Netherlands is a better option than an actual office? Here’s why there first option probably suits you better:

  • It’s way cheaper than renting an actual office
  • It includes free coffee, tea and printing
  • It includes a post forward service
  • You’ll get a local phone number plus phone answering solution
  • You’ll have a very representative commercial address

Besides, both offices have free parking close to toe location and they only offer monthly cancellable contracts. This makes it easy for you to try and see if that virtual office in the Netherlands is what you expected it to be. If not, it’s very easy to cancel it and look for another, more suitable solution. However, looking at all the services that they include, this might just be what you need to start your business in Holland.