Why registering company Netherlands?

Do you happen to think about starting a business in a foreign country? Perhaps a country in Europe? Then you may have thought a few times about registering company Netherlands before. actually, you are not wrong to do so as this small country is in fact a great country to start a business in. However, this can be quite a big job with lots and lots of management issues to work through and many other things to take care of. That is why it is good to call in a bit of help. With Intercompany Solutions, you are sufficiently supported for registering company Netherlands and to start and grow your business as well. They will help with even the smallest, yet important accounting services such as assisting with your bank account. Ever since 2013 they have been successfully  helping entrepreneurs with starting a business in The Netherlands. 

Why registering company Netherlands?

To register a company in The Netherlands means you will also get to enjoy the many benefits other businesses have that are established in the small country. Here are a couple of characteristics of The Netherlands as a business opportunity listed.

  • To form a company in The Netherlands means to also join the European Union. 
  • As a member of the EU, you will be able to profit of the European Single Market, meaning you are able to freely export and import your goods throughout the EU.
  • Most Dutch citizens are bilingual or are able to understand and speak a second language such ad English, German or French. This makes communication much easier. 
  • The Netherlands have one of the largest economies in the world today.
  • There is ideal infrastructure, as the port of Rotterdam and the airport of Schiphol are ready at your disposal.
  • Registering company Netherlands is relatively cheap compared to other European countries.
  • In The Netherlands, there is a large amount of freelancers that are knowledgeable and skilled available. These people are easy to hire through numerous freelance initiatives or platforms. 

Required permits for registering company Netherlands

For registering company Netherlands, you will need to get a permit. This depends on the country you currently live in. Are you an EU-citizen? Then, no worries you will be able to start a company immediately. Are you a non-EU citizen? Then you have to worry about getting a permit in accordance with the Dutch immigration law. A start-up permit is specifically for those who are interested in registering company Netherlands and who are living outside of the EU. The self-employment permit is intended for those who mean to move to The Netherlands, but you will have to prove that your business will benefit the Dutch market one way or another. This requires a thorough business plan. Especially for these type of things, it would be smart to get help for, as these forms and plans are important in order to be able to registering company Netherlands.

If you have now decided on registering company Netherlands, there are still many more things to know aside from permits. For this, it is a good idea to call in some help and advise. As registering company Netherlands thus can be hard, Intercompany Solutions offers this help. It is certainly worth it to take them into consideration!