Why would you get Estepona property?

Do wish to buy another real estate property, but perhaps in a country that is not you own. Especially in these times it could be nice to have second place where you can go to. In general, this is actually true too. Do you not sometimes just yearn to get away from your busy life for just couple of weeks or days, or do you want to move away altogether? Then for the purpose of a nice surrounding and good weather, it could be an idea for you to get Estepona property. realista offers various types of property in Estepona so that there is plenty of choice for you. 

So, why Estepona property?

Estepona, located in Spain and more specifically at the western end of the Costa del Sol, between the cities Marbella and Manilva. Some say that Estepona is the prettiest among the towns of the Costa del Sol. They have been staying true to their roots and to this day, Estepona is still a fishing village. Buying Estepona property also means that you will be able to live in the Garden of the Costa del Sol, for in this town there are many colorful flowers and plants that are filling up the boulevards, squares and parks of Estepona. For mountain lovers, Estepona property may also be quite nice, as there is a mountain near. Its highest peak is about 1450 meters above sea level, and reaching the top will get you some amazing views. Also present on the mountain are the pinsapo pine trees, which are extremely rare. But in Estepona, they are present and able to be seen. Of course also important, is the fact that Estepona contains good facilities such as health centers, private hospitals, school and sports centers. Of the schools there even is the Colegio San José, of which is being said it is better than Andalusia’s best schools. For those who like to fish or walk along the beach, there is a seafront promenade that stretches for some kilometers and at the went of Estepona, you will find Estepona Marina. This is an area that is home of the fishing fleet and where there are many shops and restaurants, as well as a Sunday market. 


Of course, if you are going to get Estepona property, you may also like to know more about the activities in the town. 

  • By getting Estepona property, you will be able to enjoy the many murals and a collection of sculptures that are showcased all around the city. 
  • If you truly love museums, than there’s also plenty of options. If you get Estepona property, you can visit the archaeology museum again and again, as well the Orchidarium.
  • Looking for some fun around your Estepona property? There is actually a theme park in Estepona, one of the biggest of those located across the Costa del Sol. 

So, have been looking for a nice real estate in another country? Maybe specifically Spain? Then Estepona property can be the right option for you! It is worth checking out the many Estepona property offered by realista.