Work the land with the proper tillage machines

There is a machine for every job which makes the life of every farmer a lot easier. At least with respect to working the land, because there may be a lot of difficulties when it comes to prizes, rules and legislation. In the past there were only a few tools. If a farmer wanted to cultivate the land he used a horse with one plough. He would have to walk behind the plough in order to direct it into the land. The horse would pull and you can imagine how slow this process would be. You would literally have just one horsepower, whereas nowadays an average tractor has over 100-300 horsepower under the hood. 100 years ago everything was pretty much manual labor. In a way this was fine, because there were less people to feed and fewer animals to manage. The bio industry did not exist yet. Life was slower which means that a farmer could afford to be slow. One of those workers from the old days is Johann Evers. He started as a blacksmith and he also started to produce subsoilers. He was on the verge of the change that would occur, a change from the old to the new era. You can imagine he was part of the slow and small world, so the first tillage machines he created were sold in the neighborhood. But his sales would soon grow and Johann Evers did not know at the time that in 2017 the tillage machines of his company would still be sold on a much larger scale. It took some time though, because not until 1982 did the sales go national. When something grows bigger eventually tasks need to be divided. So it did not come as a surprise that the company that was founded by Johann Evers eventually split into three different companies, namely:

  • Evers Agro (production of agricultural machinery)
  • Evers Steel Construction (production and assembly of steel structures
  • Evers Installation (installation work)

So when you buy your tillage machines to work the land at Evers Agro, you know you are in good hands. This is because the innovations of this company go way back into the past. The tillage machines have been improved for better use ever since Johann Evers built the very first one.

The tillage machines of Evers Agro

Via the website of you can look at various tillage machines. So if you need a certain machine to work the land, it might be a good idea to explore your options on the website. If you enjoyed the little dive into Evers Agro’s history, you can also read more about the company on the website. For this you can click on ‘about us’. But if you just want to know more about the tillage machines you can click on ‘tillage machines’. If you do this you will find an overview of all the different tillage machines that you can buy via Evers Agro. This includes the used tillage machines. So if you need to cultivate the land or if you need to plant your seeds into the soil, you can find the appropriate machines on

Find out more about the various options, prizes and delivery

If you are interested in buying a tillage machine and you require more information, you can always contact Evers Agro. On the website you find a telephone number you can use to call If you prefer to send an email, then you can just use the email address.